EDGE [noun] the outside limit of an area, [verb] provide with a border or edge.
SMITH [suffix] denoting a person skilled in creating something with a specific material.

Sure, we do a lot of fencing, in fact we are New Zealand's biggest supplier of fence and gate hardware. We also supply to Australia, the USA, Indonesia, and the Oceanic Islands. It doesn’t stop at fences; we also do sliding door systems, balustrade, modular handrail systems. Our range is growing every year. The common element in all of our products is that they go around the perimeter of a property – and this is where we've got the edge... pun intended!

Edgesmith considers its customers to be highly skilled craftsmen of perimeter architecture. We have drawn upon the respected artisan trade of blacksmithing to refer to them as fencesmiths, gatesmiths, doorsmiths, and so on. This is how Edgesmith was born, and unites us all under one adage: Edgesmith – bordering perfection.

Our duty to you is not only to supply the highest quality product available. We are the caretakers of an industry with ancient roots dating back to the start of time; when the humble fence was a simple structure designed to keep our flock in and our enemies out. Nowadays, the aesthetic is as important as the function, with perimeter design symbolising both status and style. Edgesmith tackles that challenge using a great deal of planning, superior materials, and inspiring feats of engineering.

Our mission is to draw the focus back to the importance of perimeter architecture; bringing it to the forefront of the building process. We are leading the way with investment into research and development to create innovative products that are born from what our customers demand – simple products that: do the job well, are easy to install, save time and money, and meet the discerning needs of their customers in both form and function.

We are creating a movement where perimeter architecture is respected, prioritised and admired; and we welcome you to join our tribe!

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The Clamp Company is founded to supply MasterKlamp to the New Zealand handrail market


Acquisition of Fitting Supplies Ltd adds industrial fencing components and rural gate hardware under the Lynx brand


Rebranded to Advanced Steel Products Ltd


First export sales into Australia


Fence panels added to the range


Fabrication workshop established to manufacture gates


First export sales into USA


Acquisition of Fencing Distributors adds chainlink mesh and razor wire manufacture, and Eltrak distribution


D&D Technologies distribution agency secured


Innovation Lab is established to refocus the company toward product design and innovation


Cantilever gate hardware range successfully launched into the US market


South Auckland branch opened to serve the growing Auckland market


Roger Technologies gate automation distributorship acquired


Reborn as Edgesmith Ltd.


Edgesmith is New Zealand’s largest supplier of fence and gate hardware. Local market dominance is complimented by export sales into USA, Australia and the Pacific Islands


Gareth Knight


Gareth Knight has 15 years experience in the building hardware industry and as former General Manager of Downee Australia he knows this industry inside out. Gareth is responsible for the strategic direction of the business and provides the insight and vision needed to take Edgesmith beyond current industry standards and expectations. Gareth has an MBA and Masters in Engineering.

Sean Foster


Sean Foster co-founded ASPL in 2004. Due to his skills in innovative design, product development and management of quality manufacturing, Edgesmith now has the most extensive range of quality fence and gate hardware in the Australasian market. Sean has an MBA and a Bachelor of Science.

Peter Brook


Peter Brook has more than 20 years experience in commercial and investment banking. He retired from his role as Managing Director of Merrill Lynch (New Zealand) Ltd in 2000 to undertake his own business consulting and professional directorships. Peter chairs our board with intelligence, fiscal acuity and vision. Peter is a sought after business advisor and also currently acts as Director of Argosy Property Ltd, Chairman of Burgerfuel Worldwide Ltd and several other private companies.

Sir Noel Robinson


Sir Noel Robinson, knighted in 2006 for his service to business and the community, was the founder and Managing Director of Robinson Industries. Sir Noel’s keen business acumen ensures we stay ahead of the game and have a robust future. Sir Noel also chairs several charitable trusts and has a major events centre in Auckland named in his honour.