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  • Gates
    How to Protect Your Family Home | Edgesmith
    A family home should be your sanctuary – a place to enjoy on your own terms, a place to rest without interruption, and a place that you feel happy, comfortable and safe in. There are always...
  • Inspiration
    Planning For Your Summer Home Projects with Edgesmith
    Summer’s just around the corner, bringing with it the season for home projects and renovations. All those ideas and repairs you put off in the colder, wetter months can finally come into...
  • Hardware
    Different Pipe Clamp Applications Using MasterKlamp | Edgesmith
    Pipe clamps come in different shapes, sizes and gradients, making them the go-to product for the versatile, simple and fast assembly of tubular structures such as handrails, balustrades and...
  • Gates
    How Does Gate Automation Work? | Edgesmith
    A gate serves two functions: to let people in and to keep people out. Now, thanks to the advancement of technology, heavy gates can open and close on command, making it easier to keep your home safe...
  • Gates
    Digicon. TURN+STYLE
    Turning heads with industrial strength and functional style. From the world's leading turnstile manufacturer. Digicon turnstiles were developed to offer a higher level of differentiation and...
  • Fence
    The best place to secure your site is right out at the perimeter
    Livewire Security Fencing recently used a JVA Z14R with P-Posts to secure 140m of fencing at the CHEP Warehouse in Penrose. Colin from Livewire says he likes the Z14R because its quick to set up and...