• Fence
    Choosing the Right Security Fence | Edgesmith
    You may have a loyal dog who stays alert, or an alarm that resounds through the neighbourhood, but your first line of defence should be a robust security fence. The border around your property is the...
  • Gates
    How to Protect Your Family Home | Edgesmith
    A family home should be your sanctuary – a place to enjoy on your own terms, a place to rest without interruption, and a place that you feel happy, comfortable and safe in. There are always...
  • Fence
    The best place to secure your site is right out at the perimeter
    Livewire Security Fencing recently used a JVA Z14R with P-Posts to secure 140m of fencing at the CHEP Warehouse in Penrose. Colin from Livewire says he likes the Z14R because its quick to set up and...