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    Security Solutions for Facility Overseers | FenceLab
    If you are the owner of a building – whether that be residential apartments, an industrial complex, or anything in between – then one of your top priorities is undoubtedly a fence...
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    How to Secure Your Commercial Property with a Steel Fence & Gate
    If you operate on a commercial property, you will understand the importance of on-site security. Securing your premises means you can protect your assets, keep team members safe, and discourage...
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    Introducing the Cais Bi-fold Gate Kit
    Do you have a gate that’s causing you problems? Maybe it’s old and rusted or partially broken, or maybe it’s taking up too much space or moving too slowly when opening or closing....
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    The Importance of Modern Gate Design | Edgesmith
    If you’re looking for precision gate hardware that’s been expertly designed and manufactured in Auckland, then you need to look no further than the Edgesmith Web Store. Whether you need...
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    Introducing Gatemaster’s Digital Gate Locks | Edgesmith
    For most of us this will be a familiar story: Arrive at locked gate. Ruffle through bag or pockets to find your keys. Start trying keys in the lock because it’s just too hard to find the...
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    How to Protect Your Family Home | Edgesmith
    A family home should be your sanctuary – a place to enjoy on your own terms, a place to rest without interruption, and a place that you feel happy, comfortable and safe in. There are always...
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    How Does Gate Automation Work? | Edgesmith
    A gate serves two functions: to let people in and to keep people out. Now, thanks to the advancement of technology, heavy gates can open and close on command, making it easier to keep your home safe...
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    Digicon. TURN+STYLE
    Turning heads with industrial strength and functional style. From the world's leading turnstile manufacturer. Digicon turnstiles were developed to offer a higher level of differentiation and...
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    Gate Automation - Brushless the way to go
    Article by: WIRED Fencing Contractors Association NZ Gate Automation - Brushless the way to go Anyone that owns or has used a brushless tool, will attest to the efficiency and longevity of these...
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    Digital, Smart and Powerful - Roger Brushless
    When it comes to automation, brushless is best - and here's why.