Architectural Fencing: Elevate Your Home

Your home’s perimeter security is an integral element to your property’s first impression, and you can tailor that impression through the proper use of architectural fencing. It is key to choose style elements and materials that play into the aesthetic of your home, as leaving your fence out of your design considerations can create a disjointed appearance. 

Here at FenceLab we make it our priority to design fencing solutions that contribute to the look of your home, not detract from it. In the interest of that, we’ve decided to take you through the gates and fences currently in our line-up, and what each of them can do for your residence. 

All of the panels are available in variable heights, and can be made into pedestrian, driveway swing, sliding and cantilever gates, depending on your specifications.

The Finns: Modern and Striking

This model is designed with vertical architectural blades that are closely spaced to pull the eye upward, thus accentuating the vertical lines of your house. The Finns can also be chosen with a post-less balustrade, encouraging continuity of design and creating a seamless quality, which is emphasised by the clean, vertical lines. 

Furthermore, the aluminium materials the panels are constructed with will fit within a modern, clean colour palette. Conversely, they can provide an interesting contrast to a wood-style home.

The Oasis: Privacy Wonderwall

If privacy is your main concern, but you want to maintain a modern aesthetic in your design, then the Oasis is the panel for you. Available in black, colour and burnished options, the Oasis is an excellent privacy screen due to the horizontally stacked slats. 

They do not form a seamless wall, however the horizontal breaks create a continuous, flowing pattern that is pleasing to the eye, while obscuring outsiders’ views. In addition to their fluidity, these panels are also fairly easy to install – the slats stack within the provided F-profile (which is cut to your preferred height), thereby eliminating installation tolerances.

The Straits: Tradition and Modernism

Enjoy this modern twist on a traditionalist picket fence – The Straits has slats that span the panel from one end to the other, giving a sense of privacy without detracting from the “white-picket-fence” aesthetic. 

The Straits is one of our easier to install models, comes in multiple heights (between one metre and two metres tall), and does not need to be painted once installed. For the home that enjoys a modern twist on traditionalism – a white picket fence with an edge – this is the ultimate choice. 

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