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You may have a loyal dog who stays alert, or an alarm that resounds through the neighbourhood, but your first line of defence should be a robust security fence. The border around your property is the first obstacle an intruder will face, so the more impossible you make it for them to cross the line, the safer you, your family and your house will be. In an ideal world we wouldn’t have intruders breaking in to steal valuables or harm people, but unfortunately precautionary measures must be taken.

How Do I Choose the Right Security Fence?

You want security fencing that is at least 2.5 meters high, so intruders can’t hoist themselves over it. A fence that is a full board is good because it makes it hard to climb over, but this allows space for hiding. A security fence with vertical rails is best (you want as few horizontal rails as possible as this gives intruders a leg-up), as you can see them. Pick an inconspicuous fence, as a loud one will attract too much attention. For extra protection, choose a security fence that is spiked or pointed at the top, so that if they do manage to climb up, they’ll have a painful time going any further.

Different security fences work best on different types of properties. Consider your location, budget and aesthetic before getting a security fence installed. When you find the perfect one and get it installed, make sure it is secured into the ground with something strong like concrete. By choosing a high quality product from the get-go, you can rest without having to worry about the outside world.

Types of Security Fencing

At Edgesmith, we have a wide range of security fencing. Depending on the type of property and the level of protection you’re after, you can choose between panels, mesh, palisade and razor wire. Our fence panels are hot dip galvanized steel and come with a clean top, a rod tip or a spiked top, the 358 anti-climb mesh is incredibly strong and simple, making it popular in prisons, palisade fencing is constructed with smooth, closely spaced vertical pales with trident or speared tops, and our razor wire is made from high grade galvanized steel and high tensile wire to serve as the ultimate visual security statement. We also provide posts and security fasteners, and other secure fencing such as an electric fence.

To enquire about security fencing, contact our knowledgeable team today. We can help you choose the right security fencing and even install it for you, to ensure longevity of the product and the best functionality. 

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