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A family home should be your sanctuary – a place to enjoy on your own terms, a place to rest without interruption, and a place that you feel happy, comfortable and safe in. There are always ways to make your home more secure, and in turn create a safer environment for you and your family. Keep reading to find out five effective ways to protect your family home.

Fence Your Property

Use security fencing to protect your home from intruders and burglars. If there was an ABC of home protection, fencing your property would be A. It is the most basic way to ensure that the contents on the inside of the fenced perimeter are separate from the outside, acting as both a physical and psychological barrier to potential intruders and burglars. Aluminium gates are one of the strongest and most reliable options for security fencing, and at Edgesmith we have a wide range available.

Set Security Alarms

Invest in security alarms, so that you are warned and have time to act if an intruder enters the premises. Adding a home security camera can help you see who’s going in and out of your property at all hours of the day, and it will also help you keep an eye out for any suspicious behaviour. If you don’t want to set up a security alarm system, get a dog!

Use Your People Skills

Common sense is one of the best tools you’ve got when it comes to protecting your family home. Get to know your neighbours, don’t let strangers into your home, and be careful about unsolicited helpers as they may be burglars in disguise. Use your people skills to make good judgements about others, and remember that at the end of the day, if you don’t feel comfortable around someone you don’t have to be so accommodating. After all, it’s your house.

Be Mindful of Your Rubbish

We often throw out rubbish without thinking twice about it, but be careful with receipts showing large sums of money, and paperwork like bank statements and letters with your personal contact details. Some burglars go through trash to get to know the residents of their chosen house, so try to shred any important papers, and make other significant trash as inconspicuous as possible.

Keep a Manicured Garden

Having a neat garden means you have a clear view of what’s going on. Burglars can’t hide behind any overgrown bushes or hedges if your garden is trimmed and tidy. Having a well-kept garden also shows outsiders that the property is being cared for, suggesting that you aren’t on vacation or otherwise absent.

For more ways to protect your family home, check out our gates and fences. Edgesmith has security fencing, pool fencing, landscape fencing, and more.

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