How to Secure Your Commercial Property with a Steel Fence & Gate

If you operate on a commercial property, you will understand the importance of on-site security. Securing your premises means you can protect your assets, keep team members safe, and discourage unwanted people from entering your property. Read further to find out what options FenceLab can offer you in terms of protection with our range of gates and fences.

Basics of Security Fencing

The primary goal of a steel fence is to communicate where property lines are so people know where they are allowed to be. Furthermore, if people do try to get onto your commercial property, a gate needs to prevent them from doing so. When it comes to security fencing and gates, there are a number of design features to consider. You have to assess the height of the steel fence; higher fences make it difficult for intruders to climb over and break into your premises. You also have to look at the size of the area which needs to be gated and fenced up as well as the budget available for the security of your premises.

There are other considerations such as the style of the gate which you want to implement, as well as the type of material used. Do you use steel, aluminium or something else? At FenceLab, we have a uniquely designed range of gates and fences which cater to the needs of commercial properties. 

FenceLab Steel Gate Security Solutions

FenceLab’s range of high-security steel gates offers New Zealanders a comprehensive range of security steel options. Our steel gates are aesthetically superior, match the exterior of your property and last for a long time without requiring ongoing repairs. We have a number of excellent steel gate options which we will go over below.

The Chiefs Security

The Chiefs Security is a highly recommended gating solutions for both industrial and commercial security applications. The HDG Security panels and gates utilise hot dip galvanised tubular steel which makes it an ideal solution to meet your security needs. View our range of fence panels and gate designs to see what option would be right for your location. You may see this option applied to schools or commercial properties.

The Jagger

The Jagger is one of the highest-level security fence panels available from FenceLab. The panels are strong and durable due to the heavy 3-millimetre steel which is rolled into a rigid D-profile. You are likely to find this steel gate and panel at your local train station. 

The Metallica

Last but not least is The Metallica, which uses closely spaced wire which lets air flow through and allows for greater visibility. Corrosion performance is maximised due to the hot dip galvanised steel. These welded mesh panels and gates are often used to fence off certain areas on your site.

Enquire with FenceLab for Steel Fences and Gates

If you need further information about which steel and gate would be right for your property, get in touch with the FenceLab team. We are more than happy to recommend the right steel gate for your security needs.

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