Infrastructure and Security Fencing: The Boss & Lennox | FenceLab

We here at FenceLab believe that function and form can go hand in hand, especially when catering to a unique design ethic – the likes of which we see in many of our customers. So today, we’re shining a spotlight on a couple of our infrastructure and security fencing options, specifically focusing on two of our highly popular models – the Boss and the Lennox. 

The Boss

 The Boss Panel

The Boss panels are designed for school grounds and infrastructure sites, depending on the needs of the installer. Each comes with a 2.4m height option that makes the fencing balustrade compliant, as no one can climb over or through them – this makes the panels ideal for infrastructure sites such as residential housing developments, or as a perimeter fence for schools throughout New Zealand. 

In addition, the Boss is designed to flow seamlessly with the landscape of your property. Manufactured with the possibility of a strong angle or slope in mind, Boss posts are strong enough to retain their shape up to a fifteen-degree angle, helping you to avoid the costs of stepping your fencing to the landscape. If your property has stronger incline you wish to conquer, the Boss can also rake up to thirty-degrees when purchased with raking brackets. 

One of the key points of this fencing model is its strength. We’ve worked hard to formulate new and improved ways to strengthen our fences while retaining an appealing aesthetic, and the result is our new three-layered protection system. Gifting the treated panels with a similar lifespan to dipped galvanised aluminium, our system consists of:

  • A zinc-rich primer, to ensure excellent adhesion,
  • an epoxy sealant to prevent corrosion, and
  • a UV-stable satin powder coat, both for protection and for appearance.

The Lennox and Lennox Security

If you’re highly dedicated to security for your property’s fencing, the Lennox and Lennox Security models are impossible to pass over. Chunky tubular aluminium sections emphasise durability and strength, as well as prevent errant intruders – or children – from climbing through easily. Let’s look at each of them in more detail.

The Lennox

The Lennox Flat Top Panel

The Lennox baseline model is perfect for childcare facilities. The square pickets and flat top are designed to do no damage to children in school or on a field, but they function perfectly to keep intruders out (and the kids in). These are also powder-coated for durability and design and can be raked up to thirty-degrees to compensate for uneven or declining ground. 

The Lennox Security 

The Lennox Spear Top Panel

These panels retain all of the features of the Lennox but also come with pressed aluminium spikes that run along the top of the fencing for added security. Therefore, they are perfect as security fencing for any facility – their scalability is minimal, and they will last for a very long time once installed, making them a cost-effective solution for your security needs. 

All of the Boss, Lennox and Lennox Security fence panels can be delivered as matching pedestrian, driveway, swing or cantilever gates for a seamless perimeter. And if none of these have caught your eye yet, don’t worry! We have a full range of other fencing options for you to peruse, each one perfect for someone different.

Create the perfect perimeter for your property.

FenceLab is a collection of design enthusiasts, all intent on delivering our customers exactly what they are looking for, so you can be sure that you will walk away satisfied. Browse our range of fences and gates, and if you see something that you love, don’t hesitate to give us a call!