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For most of us this will be a familiar story: Arrive at locked gate. Ruffle through bag or pockets to find your keys. Start trying keys in the lock because it’s just too hard to find the – got it? Even though you thought you’d already tried that one? What an annoying hassle, just to open one metal gate.

If that tale is bringing back memories of key or gate-related trauma you have or still are experiencing, then Gatemaster’s Digital Gate Lock is going to treat that by revolutionising the way you can unlock your gate. This keypad-based digital lock requires nothing more than a three-digit code to unlock, meaning that a potentially minutes-long grating process becomes a one-second routine!




Sturdy and Simple

There’s no need to worry about your gate being under risk of damage during storms, rain or wind: the Digital Gate Lock is made of marine-grade stainless steel which has been salt-spray tested for 1000 hours to make sure that it can hold out against the strongest weather that New Zealand has to offer without corroding or rusting. This also means that it won’t be at all easy for tampering hands to get anywhere near the mechanics of the lock!

As for safety when closing the gate, a brass bearing plate supports the latchbolt which means the gate won’t violently snap shut and risk breaking or hurting someone. The latchbolt automatically latches when shutting, and it can sit up to 22mm deep inside the gate post when closed, increasing your security while still being adjustable so you can find the best fit for your gate. You can also install the lock left-handed as well as right-handed, so even lefties can use the keypad with ease.

Lastly, it doesn’t need any power to run – even the keypad operates entirely mechanically, making the lock incredibly simple to install for customers who have DIY in their DNA. The installation process only requires you to drill three holes in the gate frame before you can lock it in using the fixing bolts that come with the lock. Both traditional and modern gate styles are compatible with the Digital Gate Lock, but if you are at all worried about installing the lock then an Edgesmith expert will always be happy to help!

Locks to meet your needs

The Digital Gate Lock is available not only in a single-sided version with a rear handle on the other side of the keypad, but also as a double-sided lock with a keypad on both sides, for gates that require that next level of security. This double-sided option is perfect for gates that need to stay shut on both sides, such as a gate between two adjoining homes or offices where you don’t want guests to be able to wander into another property, or a street exit that you don’t want to be accessible for children – or intuitive pets!




Looking for an easy exit?

For those of you who are looking for a quick and easy way to exit through a metal gate, Gatemaster has designed a quick exit push lock that provides a simple solution. The Digital Push Exit Gate Lock is fitted on one side with a green panel that when pushed in will very easily unlatch the gate, allowing a rapid and hassle-free exit. This is great around homes, as even young children can easily use the push pad, and anywhere else that you might be worried about needing a quick exit!

The easy-exit push pad is fitted with a Digital Gate Lock on the other side, so it still maintains the same high level of security and safety on the other side of the gate. A security shroud can also be fitted around the gate lock, to prevent any chance of strangers being able to reach through and access the push pad. As with the Digital Gate Lock, the latchbolt is completely adjustable so it can be precisely fitted when it’s installed, whether it’s you or an Edgesmith expert doing the work.

Expert Advice & Installation Services

Gatemaster Digital Locks are available now on the Edgesmith web store, and you can contact us at any time if you have questions about any of the products or need someone to install one.

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