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Enhance the security of your property and set clearly defined borders with one of our Boss panels. This series of versatile panels is suited to a range of applications such as fencing or balustrading. From vertical to horizontal orientations, for flat or uneven terrain, these panels have every situation covered. So, if you’re ready to learn more about the panels that have earnt the name ‘The Boss’, let’s take a walk!

The Real Boss

First, a little more about the Boss panels. Boasting a simple yet innovative design, these panels are perfect for walkways, elevated decks, and even swimming pools. Internal cabling enables contouring of sloping and uneven terrain, so even the hilliest property can enjoy a snug fit, and FenceLab's Boss 1.2m high fencing is fully compliant with the New Zealand Fencing of Swimming Pools Act, 1987. It’s called the Boss for a reason!




Here on our left is the Boss rakeable steel fencing, which has been designed to aid quick installation and to offer a contemporary look on terrain that is either flat or sloping (up to 30°). A unique clip-in mechanism is used to make it the strongest raking panel on the market. Boss panels don't require any modifications or additional posts when installed on uneven ground, and they are manufactured from pre-galvanized steel with a finish that is smooth to the touch, while offering substantial corrosion protection.




On our right, we have the Boss standard pedestrian gate which measures 979mm wide. To ensure it stays in its premium condition, we recommend coating it in an epoxy powder coating of your choice. Next to it is the FenceLab Boss balustrade which has been designed to complement the Boss range of fences. This is manufactured from strong, galvanized steel using 16mm square verticals with 89mm spacing, and can be powder coated to any colour off the powder coating colour chart which includes over 200 colours.


FenceLab's standard PS1 will give broad minimum specifications regarding maximum span length, post dimensions and some standard fixing details. Balustrade installations need to comply with strict criteria related to the integrity of the installation, and we recommend that you obtain professional advice regarding your balustrade.

Expert Advice & Installation Services

If you’re looking for a sturdy and stylish fencing solution, we highly recommend the Boss panels. For any fencing enquiries including Boss fence panels, pool fencing, or any other perimeter solutions, get in touch with the experts.

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