The Importance of Modern Gate Design | Edgesmith

If you’re looking for precision gate hardware that’s been expertly designed and manufactured in Auckland, then you need to look no further than the Edgesmith Web Store.

Whether you need a pool fence, a security fence, a sliding gate, or swing gate, you’ll discover our extensive range including FenceLab, Eltrak, and TonkaTrak brands. Below we’ll look at the importance of modern gate design, and highlight one in our range to illustrate how this can save you time and money, without compromising on effective gate design.

Modern, minimalist, elegant hardware

Much of our gate hardware has been expertly designed to prioritise smooth and quiet operation, while also retaining the modern and elegant design elements that you want in a gate. Take our TonkaTrak range for example – despite the initial investment when choosing a gate design upfront, their modularised design will allow you to save money on the overall installation process, and removing the need for galvanising also means lower transport costs and no fettling.

The minimalist design ensures gates are incredibly light – an 8-metre opening gate will weigh under 150kg, and even a 10-metre gate will weigh in at under 200kg! Lighter gates will save you time and money when it comes to installation – a lighter gate means you’ll need to do less digging, and will require less concrete compared to other, heavier gates. You’ll also be able to use a much smaller gate motor, cutting down on purchase price and operating costs.

Choosing the right gate for your needs

Computer-aided design (CAD) changed the way we look at creating a gate for a specific purpose. Using CAD allows for specific measurements and visualisation of the product before it’s constructed. This means you can see your designs before you commit to them, based on specific, accurate dimensions. The other great benefit of this process is seeing multiple styles of gate that will meet your needs, opening up far more possibility for choice.

For our TonkaTrak gates, the necessary parts are completely compatible with traditional gate profiles like louvre, slat, and tongue & groove, and will allow your gate frame to simply flow around the infill without resistance. This flexibility in the design process is due to the materials used in their construction.

Aluminium is perfect to work with for this purpose – the great selection of infill designs, combined with the list of components above, allow for almost endless possibility when designing a gate to meet your requirements. All that’s needed is a good welder, and you’ll have a custom-designed gate in no time.

Find the perfect gate for your design

Unless you’re an expert yourself, getting one of our Edgesmith team to install your new gate is the best way to ensure that they’re set up properly. With some gates, like our TonkaTrak range, we offer two forms of delivery – either in their component form for you to assemble using your own designs, or fully fabricated, powder-coated, and ready to install.

Expert installation, and regular service for any minor issues, guarantees product longevity and the best possible functionality – we make sure you get the most out of your purchase. If you’re interested in viewing our full range of TonkaTrak gate hardware, you can find them available now on the Edgesmith web store.

We offer a range of products to fit almost every design constraint, so simply contact Edgesmith now and one of our fence and gate experts will be happy to advise on design and installation.

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