Quality European Engineering

Enhanced design and superior production from the Czech Republic using high-quality German steel.


Formed from high quality, heavily galvanized, German steel in an 18 stage process with a slow rolling speed to reduce heat build-up and memory.

Quality European Engineering

CAIS are the only manufacturer of “C” PROFILE for cantilever gates made on our unique EIGHTEEN MACHINE HEAD ROLLFORMING LINE (thickness from 1 mm up to 5 mm.), with a unique PC automation perforation system on board, developed and produced in cooperation with BRNO UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY, Czech Republic.

  1. CAIS rebate wheels. Available in 80, 90 and 120mm dia for gates up to 800kg

  2. CAIS undergate wheel. Available in 60mm dia for gates up to 250kg

  3. Rebate fitment bearing hinge set. Gates <300kg/pr

  4. 50mm dia bearing hinge set <250kg gates

  5. 70mm dia bearing hinge for swing gates of up to 350kg. 

  6. CAIS Cantilever gate wheel carriage for gates up to 700kg and 8m opening. High quality bearings ensure smooth running, adding years to the life of your gate. 

  7. CAIS Cantilever gate track for gates up to 700kg and 8m opening. Made from 5mm high tensile steel in hot dip galvanised finish.

  8. CAIS Cantilever End Wheel, Medium. This component both caps off the end of the Track and guides your gate into the End Cup. Includes end cover.

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