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D&D Technologies is dedicated to the design and manufacture of top-quality, state-of-the-art gate hardware products. Established in the late 1980's, D&D gained international recognition with the ground-breaking MagnaLatch magnetic latch for pool and other child safety gates, winning several prestigious design awards. Since then, D&D has expanded operations and continues to be a market leader delivering innovative safety, privacy and security hardware solutions.


D&D pioneered the use of rare earth magnets and high strength nylon ploymers to create a range of hinges and latches for pedestrian and pool gates. Their patented Magnalatch has become synonomus with pool safety and is now also the first choice of latch for commercial child care facilities.


D&D Technologies stands at the cutting edge of design and innovation. Their staff understand the important role research and development play in providing effective solutions for our customers and business partners. They are a market leader, not an imitator, and employ a team of highly qualified engineers, product designers, technicians, and managers.

  1. TruClose Gate Stop
  2. An audible alarm and flashing light adds extra safety to the standard Magnalatch child safety latch. Commercial child care facilities shouldn't even consider any other product.

  3. The world's most trusted and best selling child safety and pool latch. Rekeyable to your front door. Available as latch only or kitted with hinges.

  4. Key lockable gate latch with handle. Magnetic cam locking action makes it suitable for double swing gates. Can be re-keyed to match your front door. Made from stainless steel and nylon.

  5. Magnetic latching action and small footprint make this the best pedestrian gate latch on the market (in my humble opinion). Available in locking and non-locking models

  6. A shorter version of the popular Magnalatch, this product is ideal for shorter safety gates such as pet enclosures

  7. Self closing hinge for gates up to 60kg. Made from Stainless Steel and Nylon. Suits 32-65nb posts and 25-32nb gates

  8. Self closing hinge for gates up to 70kg. Made from stainless steel and nylon. Comes in a variety of leaf styles to suit different post and gate materials

  9. Self closing hinge for gates up to 30kg. Made from stainless steel and nylon. Comes in a variety of leaf styles to suit different post and gate materials

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