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When you need to get big stuff in and out of your shed you can't go past a sliding door - the limitations of height and span of roller doors are just too restrictive for big openings. Eltrak door systems have been the preferred choice of shed-builders throughout New Zealand and Australia for the last 40 years. Their products have been fine tuned to meet the needs of our tough climates with sealed bearings to keep the dust and grime out. The wide range of brackets suit our construction techniques and clever hanger carriage designs help reduce the effect of high wind loads. Cost effective and easy to install, these products are a great compliment to the Edgesmith range.

Sliding door systems

Eltrak Sliding Door Systems offer a cost effective and highly efficient solution. They eliminate the need for personal access doors, allow you to match the door cladding with that of your building, and offer superior speed and ease of repair if accidentally damaged in any way.

Industrial use

Eltrak door systems are not limited to residential use. Eltrak products can support doors upto 650kg and 6m high. Eltrak sliding door system is the system you need for multiple track installation for an aircraft hangar or large industrial buildings. 

  1. Double overhead support with bolt-on or weld-on fixing configurations. 95mm centre spacing between the tracks. Suitable for doors weighing upto 650 kg. 

  2. Bolt on single side-fix support bracket. Stepped for clearance up to 43mm cladding profile depth. Suitable for doors weighinh upto 650kg.

  3. M12x50 bolt, nut and washer set. Suitable for doors weighing upto 650kg.

  4. Support bracket used to hold a single door track. Attachments can be used to fix the bracket using bolt on connections. Suitable for doors weighting upto 650kg. Compatible with hercules attachments. 

  5. The "bullt proof" carriage. Door carriage with steel wheels, ball bearings and side thrust top roller  which centres the carriage in the track at all times in windy conditions. Able to work with doors weighing upto 650kg and has fully independent swivel body for installations that are less than perfect. 

  6. Curved door track with a radius of 600 mm from track centre. Suitable for wheel carriages in the hercules range.

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