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Gate Locks

FenceLab is where the elements of great design and execution are analysed, balanced, and fused together to create fence and gate architecture that meets the essential equation of style, security, and safety. The magic of FenceLab happens when we get design engineers, account managers, fabrication team, automation technician, and you - the customer are in the same room. It's a veritable bunsen burner of ideas. Energy is exchanged and bonds take place until dynamic equilibrium occurs and the design is complete!

Design Methodology

The fence and gate are the first things you see when you approach a property. They set the benchmark of expectation for what lies within. Fencelab gives them the consideration that they demand.

Our Range

Spans competitively priced standard panels through the locally finished product to match your specification right up to fences and gates fully designed and engineered to your requirements and fabricated in our workshop. Whether it is a residential landscape fence or a bespoke perimeter security solution you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered.

  1. Locinox sliding gate lock for 50-80mm frames

  2. Locinox Industrial lock for square 40 - 60mm profiles

  3. Locinox Gate Closer and Hinge, Hydraulic or Compact

Get your new Roger Automation products installed by an expert. Expert installation guarantees longevity of the products and the best possible setup for functionality.

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