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Lynx Hardware started off with a few pressed metal fittings, mostly post caps and pipe clamps for chain link fencing, being bashed out in a small New Zealand shed. Now it's so much more. For the past 12 years we've been developing new products to meet our customers needs. From highly engineered wheels and track for beast sized gates, to elegant brackets and guide systems for the sleekest architectural designs, and almost everything in between. We pride ourselves on having the most comprehensive range of quality fence and gate hardware in the southern hemisphere.

Lynx Fittings

Designed to meet the challenging demands of the NZ and Aus fencing environment, Lynx fittings are quickly becoming the first choice for the professional. And we keep listening to them and fine tuning the range to make sure this continues!

Local Manufacturer

Lynx chainlink mesh is manufactured in New Zealand using a Bergandi chainlink weaver from the USA. It produces tight knuckles which ensure a deformation resistant mesh. We both stock and make to order and can generally manufacture what ever size you need for next day pick up or delivery.

Explore categories
  • Chainlink fence

    Cost effectiveness and speed of installation make chainlink mesh fences ideal for long runs where only medium level security is required. Edgesmith stock a full range of fittings, posts and wire ties and manufacture chainlink mesh

  • Sliding Gate Hardware

    Lynx gate hardware offers a broad range of equipment used in assembling gates in a variety of sizes. Manufactured from Pre-Glavanised Steel, Black Steel and Aluminium these products have a high demand in the gate manufacturing community.

  • Gudgeons and Pipe Hinges

    Quality hardware that is both strong and durable. Products available to suit any scenario ranging from light duty to heavy duty. They also come in many different sizes and are hot dip galvanised or zinc plated for extra durability.

Get your new Roger Automation products installed by an expert. Expert installation guarantees longevity of the products and the best possible setup for functionality.

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