Roger Technology

You've got a gate that's the envy of your neighbourhood, now get the gate automation system to match. The new Roger Technology brushless gate operators are the best on the market. Roger’s brushless technology represents a revolution in the automation sector and its Italian design and manufacture guarantees quality and style. Why brushless? It’s powerful, reliable and it has low energy consumption. A brushless motor won’t burn out, can consistently operate under super intensive use even in extreme environments - all on a low voltage system. It’s unique digital controller is designed for rapid gate movement without compromising safety or control.

Roger Product

Thanks to more than 25 years of experience in the world of home automation, Roger Technology is one of the leading companies specializing in design and production of integrated automation systems. Roger designs, produces and sells automation systems for gates, garage doors, and road barriers for the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors.

Italian Made

An unmatched sense of style and design is a part of what Italy does best, and this is no fluke. This skill has been passed down from generation to generation; each one further refining their craft with care an intricacy. Today, Roger Products, a proud, Italian manufacturer continues this tradition. Their passion and craft is reflected in their range of Automation Products.

  1. Roger Automatic Barrier <4m 36v Brushless, Super Intensive Use

  2. Wireless safety edge for gate safety.

  3. Roger BM30 brushless high speed sliding gate operator for gates of up to 400kg.

  4. Roger BH30 high speed sliding gate operator for gates of up to 500kg.

  5. Roger BG30 high speed sliding gate operator for gates of up to 1000kg.

  6. Roger BG30 high speed 36v gate operator for gates of up to 1.8t.

  7. Semi submerged slider with industructable cover. Suits gates up to 800kg.

Get your new Roger Automation products installed by an expert. Expert installation guarantees longevity of the products and the best possible setup for functionality.

Get in touch with us via Live Chat, calling us on +64 9 427 4980, or email and we'll put you in touch with an expert installer!