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TonkaTrak is all about engineered extrusions and precision hardware that can be seamlessly integrated to create elegant gates. Traditional profiles like louvre, slat, and tongue & groove can be used in a way that allows the frame to simply flow around the infill to achieve what can only be described as minimalist magic. TonkaTrak components are custom fabricated in the Auckland workshop or supplied for you to build into your own designs.

Integrated gate system
Integrated Gate Systems

TonkaTrak integrated gate systems can be used to create gates with a lower total installed cost. Sure you have to invest a bit more in materials up-front. But these costs are more than offset by quicker fabrication times due to the smarts in the profile design. No galvanising means no round trip transport costs and no fettling. A lighter gate requires less concrete and less time digging. Hiabs's become a distant memory as well. Even an 8m opening gate will be less than 150kg. And you can use a smaller gate motor.

TonkaTrak Carriage
Engineered Precision

The release of TonkaTrak marks a maturation of our business. Designed from start to finish by our engineering team, we have created a system that is totally unique and leverages CAD design, modern material selection and manufacturing methods.

  1. Tonkatrak medium cantilever wheel carriage for gates up to 180kg and 8m opening. Black annodised aluminium body with self-lubricating nylon wheels. Quite, smooth and elegant!

  2. Tonkatrak Cantilever Monorail, Medium. Structural grade aluminium profile for construction of cantilever gates. 5.8m or 2.9m lengths

  3. Tonkatrak Cantilever End Wheel, Medium. This component both caps off the end of the Track and guides your gate into the End Cup. Aluminium with nylon wheel.

  4. Tonka Cantilever End Cup, Use at both ends of the gate to minimise sag and damage when the gate is fully open or closed. Suits Tonka M or CAIS M track.

  5. Tonkatrak Gear Rack. Slides into the track profile. 500mm long nylon for gates up to 300kg

  6. Fits over fins on monorail extrusion. Can be punched with a variety of shaped holes for making infill panels on TonkaTrak gates.

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