1. M12x50 bolt, nut and washer set. Suitable for doors weighing upto 650kg.

  2. Bolt on single side-fix support bracket. Stepped for clearance up to 43mm cladding profile depth. Suitable for doors weighinh upto 650kg.

  3. Double overhead support with bolt-on or weld-on fixing configurations. 95mm centre spacing between the tracks. Suitable for doors weighing upto 650 kg. 

  4. Single sidefix support bracket used with EH19 for adjustable extensions from the wall. Suitable for doors weighing upto 650kg.

  5. Used for adjustable double fix applications mainly for EH19 brackets. The centre distances between the brackets can be adjusted according the users needs. 

  6. Perfect for mounting doors in cavity wall installlations. Can be either bolted on or screwed on.

  7. Used as a guide to run the bottom of the door on the track. Made from case hardened steel for strength and to prevent deformation while moving on the track.

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