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The best place to secure your site is right out at the perimeter. Electric security fences give you peace of mind that your assets are protected. Coupled with a chainlink fence or higher security options like 358, they provide deterrence and detection. Even the most determined intruders are afraid of being zapped!

Electric fencing

The JVA Electric Security range offers a wide range of solutions to suit your environment, from residential to commercial, urban or rural. JVA security energisers, communication products, electric fencing products are used to prevent any trespassers. JVA accessories offer a full range of quality products from fault finders, beepers, ferrule to slide gate contact. The JVA accessories are rugged and reliable and will suit even the harshest environment.

JVA Energiser

The short pulse of 10,000V (4 Joules) delivered by a JVA security energiser is an inherently safe but forceful deterrent. But the electric fence isn't just about zapping its also about detection. Integrated into an existing alarm system, the fence effectively becomes a fully monitored security solution that acts as the first alert of an intruder on site. The system can be used to separate the fence into zones for security guards and targeted response teams to better trouble shoot in the event of an intrusion. Greater functionality can be achieved using a USB or TCP/IP network interface board.

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  • Security Energiser
    Security Energisers

    Security is assured by using JVA energisers, communication devices, and warning products for quick and precise alerts of any breaches.

  • Posts and Wire

    Lynx electric fencing posts have a smooth finish and clean lines. The profiled tubing is easy to attach and comes with insulators pre-fitted for a speed of installation. Compatible with all brands of electric fence energizers.

  • Rural Energiser
    Rural Energisers

    Agriculture is one of the main incomes in New Zealand, JVA hardware provides maximum security for cattle herds and makes sure that any escape is prevented.

  1. Electric security fence energiser 9kV, 4 joule, single zone

  2. Electric security fence energiser 9kV, 4 joule, two zones

  3. 0.11 joule energiser for pet control and small equine set-ups. Mains or battery powered

  4. Mains powered 1.5 joule rural energiser for up to 15km of fence

  5. 2.5m high 20 line post. Available pre-made with insulators for quick install

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